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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2019-03-01

Arrow Energy’s $10 billion Surat Gas Project – has the go-ahead to generate up to 1000 jobs.

The Queensland Government has granted approval for 14 petroleum leases between Dalby and Wandoan that will bring an extra 5000 petajoules of gas to market over 27 years – including 240 petajoules per annum during peak production from 2026.

The Surat Gas Project will create up to 800 construction jobs and 200 ongoing operational jobs, as well as millions of dollars in business opportunities for local suppliers.

Currently scheduled to be operational in 2020, the project will produce gas for LNG for export and for domestic users.

The leases cover around 2,500 km² on blocks between Dalby and Chinchilla in the Surat Basin, where major gas projects are already operated by Origin, Santos and QGC.

Construction is expected to start later this year with first gas forecast to flow from 2020.

Arrow Energy has proposed to use nearby existing QGC infrastructure including processing facilities and pipelines to transport gas to domestic and export facilities.

This approach has two major benefits: it will get gas to the market faster and reduces the project footprint and the potential impact on local communities and the environment.

Under Queensland’s regulatory regime, Arrow has met environmental, financial, and Native Title requirements, and is proceeding with binding land access compensation agreements with local landholders.

The Surat Gas Project follows the expansion of Arrow’s Daandine and Tipton fields during 2016/17, at a cost of $850 million.

Queensland’s next major gas project to start production will be Senex Energy’s domestic-only Project Atlas near Wandoan and Miles, with first gas forecast to flow by the end of the year.

Other recent major gas expansions are Shell QGC’s: the $500 million Project Goog-a-binge and the $1.7 billion Project Charlie, which together created about 2000 jobs.

GLNG also announced a $750 million investment in its Roma East Gas Project last year and $450 million investment to develop the Arcadia fields, creating another 700 jobs.

Almost 25,000 km² has been released in Queensland for gas exploration since early 2017, almost a third of it for the domestic market only.

For more information about the exploration tender process, visit the Queensland exploration program website.

Read more about the Surat Gas Project here.