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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2018-03-16

Applied Biosecurity

The GasFields Commission is holding a series of community information sessions on biosecurity management in response to concerns raised by landholders.

The Commission hosted the first workshop in Kogan on Thursday along with representatives from AgForce Queensland, Livestock Biosecurity Network and the CSG Compliance Unit.

More than 20 people attended the session with presentations on the Land Access Code, property mapping, gate signage and biosecurity risk assessments.

GasFields Commission CEO, Carolyn Collins, says, “One of the Commission’s main functions is to engage with landholders and local governments, find out what concerns they may have and then address those concerns in a range of ways including community meetings like this one at Kogan”.

“Landholders around Dalby raised biosecurity as one of their concerns a few months ago so we worked with the experts to create this session, a simple checklist and other information to help them work through the issues”.

The main biosecurity issues raised by landholders were the spread of weeds and strategies to control them.

Resource companies are obligated to minimise any biosecurity risks from their activities and landholders are being urged to work with the companies to establish clear priorities specific to their properties.

The GasFields Commission and AgForce have developed a simple checklist for landholders working with resource companies on biosecurity planning so they can tick off the various stages as they work through the process.

The Commission is planning to hold similar information sessions in other areas where biosecurity is raised as a concern.

The GasFields Commission is committed to informing and engaging with all stakeholders involved in the gas industry and addressing issues of concern.