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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2018-03-06

New Workforce Forecast

New forecasts suggest the number of fly-in fly-out workers employed in the Surat Basin region will remain relatively stable over the next six years.

The Queensland Government Statisticians Office has released two different projections based on slightly different criteria.

One forecast suggests a decrease on the June 2017 figure of around 600 workers in the region while the other forecasts an increase of more than 700 by the year 2024.

The Statisticians Office believes the CSG industry will continue to be the primary influence on the Surat Basin’s non-resident population to 2024 with new gas projects and expansions proposed for the region.

By comparison, the construction workforce required for alternative energy projects such a wind and solar will be of a relatively short duration and have a small operational workforce.

You can read the full report here.