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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2017-08-23

Keep Your Water Wet

Recent testing has reinforced just how important it is for landholders to regularly clean and maintain their rainwater tanks.

The GasFields Commission carried out tests on a rainwater tank in the Surat Basin recently after concerns were raised by a landholder and found that the water was contaminated with high levels of faecal matter and bacteria.

The levels of faecal coliforms were 85 times higher than any previous testing in the area making the water completely unsuitable for drinking or even primary contact such as bathing.

It’s believed that the contamination most likely came from the roof of the adjacent dwelling where the water was collected.

The tank has since been emptied, cleaned, and filled with treated water.

Water, air and soil in the Surat Basin have been thoroughly tested by the Queensland Government for many years amid concerns about the effects of gas development in the region.

Those tests have not found any direct link between the gas industry and health concerns.

This most recent testing however shows that simple maintenance of water tanks is essential if residents are to maintain a safe and healthy water supply.

Queensland Health has this fact sheet with some simple guidelines.

One of the new tasks assigned to the GasFields Commission after a recent independent review is a focus on health, particularly health matters related to Coal Seam Gas activity.

The Commission is working closely with Queensland Health and forming a Health Stakeholder Reference Group to establish exactly what questions remain in the community about health and areas that need more detail.