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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2017-05-25

To ensure the GasFields Commission can effectively serve landholders, communities and the onshore gas industry during the next phase of gas development and production in Queensland, we have developed a new five-year Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan 2017-2021 aligns the Commission with the recommendations made by Professor Robert Scott, a former Land Court of Queensland member, who undertook an independent review of the Commission last year.

The new plan provides the Commission with a clear purpose to facilitate sustainable coexistence through being a vital reference source for landholders, regional communities and the onshore gas industry in Queensland. It also provides a clear road map for the Commission.

Our key objectives over the next five years are:

  • Effective stakeholder engagement
  • Collecting data and information, and making it accessible
  • Value-added strategic analysis
  • Regulatory, legislative and policy input
  • Organisational alignment and culture

The Commission is now undergoing the organisational change needed to make sure we have the right internal capability for the functions required to achieve our key objectives. We are working to establish a team of competent, nimble and mobile people, delivering information and referral services across the state.

We have published a two-page summary of our new Strategic Plan online.