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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2017-05-25

GasFields Commission Queensland Commissioners (L-R) Ian Hayllor, Fleur Anderson, Ruth Wade (Chair) and Rick Wilkinson.

To ensure the Commission has a strong understanding of the current state of play in Queensland’s onshore gas industry, from exploration through to gas production, distribution and LNG processing, our four Commissioners recently visited Central Queensland.

In Biloela, we held the first of a series of regional community leaders’ forums to focus on local issues, seek input from the community, and to share information. With representation from local government, state government, natural resources, business, agriculture and the onshore gas industry, the Commission gained valuable insight into what is happening on the ground, and ways to better engage and disseminate information.

We were encouraged to see that the issues resulting from the frenetic activity of 2010-12 when three separate pipelines were built, have largely settled and the community is focusing on the future and preparing for further development.

A consistent message from the community was the importance of early engagement in the planning phase for gas exploration and development, particularly to ensure councils have sufficient information to share with their communities about opportunities, especially for local businesses.

Another important message we received was the need for long-term consultation and collaboration on legacy projects to improve local infrastructure, services, employment opportunities and lifestyle.

While there was general recognition of the challenges faced by gas companies during the construction phase, landholders have a clear expectation of respectful and transparent ongoing engagement to ensure successful integration and mutually beneficial outcomes.

The Commission noted the strong interest in gas companies reconnecting with landholders and the community to renew relationship through regular engagement.

While in Central Queensland, Commissioners also took the opportunity to tour LNG facilities on Curtis Island to better understand the process of converting CSG into LNG and to discuss the current issues of domestic and international supply of locally produced gas.

Gasfield Commissioners toured Queensland Gas Company’s LNG plant on Curtis Island near Gladstone recently

Out and About

The recent Biloela meeting was the first in a new round of regional community leaders’ forums being held by the Commission under its new strategic direction.

The Commission is continuing to connect with key stakeholders including landholders, representative bodies for agriculture, academia, business, NRM groups, local and state government agencies and representatives. During meetings with stakeholders we are exploring partnerships to enhance our