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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2017-05-24

GasFields Commission Chair, Ruth Wade, recently convened a Think Tank on Health and CSG in Toowoomba, aimed at ensuring communities are provided with a coordinated response to concerns raised.

Last year’s independent review of the Commission conducted by Professor Robert Scott recommended that the Commission’s role be expanded to include a response to public health and community concerns arising from onshore gas activities.

The recent Think Tank brought together representatives of government agencies, industry, and key community stakeholders to discuss the status of research, available data, and current issues relating to public health, community well-being, and environmental monitoring in the CSG fields.

The Commission is currently working with Queensland Health to progress the outcomes from this forum which are aimed at improving collaboration as well as coordination.

In the near future, the Commission will also convene a health stakeholders reference group and a technical working group to review and summarise existing information and establish clear questions remaining in the community.

The aim of this work is to ensure that community concerns are responded to with factual information, and where necessary research is initiated to provide answers to health and well-being questions.

The Commission will provide secretariat support to these two groups and information about the outcomes will be published on the Commission’ website.