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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2017-01-06

Australian Gas Networks has recently completed the construction of a new 28km 4-inch natural gas pipeline from the City of Bundaberg to the Port of Bundaberg. This Queensland Government-funded $19.8 million project delivers a much needed economic boost to the Bundaberg Region.

In addition to providing natural gas to the new $70 million Knauf Plasterboard Facility currently under construction, this pipeline also encourages future investment in the Port of Bundaberg by attracting other manufacturing businesses to the region.

Thanks to the development of its onshore conventional and unconventional natural gas reserves, Queensland's economy continues to grow, creating stronger, more diversified and resilient regional communities.

The pipeline is expected to be operational by the end of February 2017 and the Knauf Plasterboard Facility is scheduled to start production in June 2017.