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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2016-01-20

Rural landholders, Peter and Nikki Thompson from Echo Hills near Roma have shared the challenges and opportunities from their experience of coexisting with the onshore gas industry over many years with ABC TV Rural and Regional Reporter Dominque Schwartz.

Echo Hills is rich farming country about 500 kilometres North West of Brisbane. It produces grain, beef and coal seam gas.

Farmer Peter Thompson says he's built a good working relationship with one CSG operator over the past 12 years.

“I won't say it was easy for one minute. It was a long and difficult process,” Peter says.

The CSG operator has 40 wells, 70 kilometres of flowlines and two water stations on the Thompson's properties. For that they pay the family $320,000 in compensation each year.

The CSG money allows the family to employ more workers, is a buffer during leaner years and will help fund their dream of preserving 2000 hectares of Brigalow forest for ecotourism.

The Echo Hills story by ABC TV Rural and Regional Reporter Dominque Schwartz was broadcast on ABC Qld TV News on 29 October 2015.