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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2019-10-31

More gas exploration in Queensland

A total of 3,450 square kilometres of land has just been awarded to six operators to explore gas reserves.

The below operators now have the opportunity to explore for more gas in the Bowen and Surat basins:

  • Comet Ridge (PLR2019-1-2) - 450 km2 - domestic supply only - south-east of Emerald
  • Denison Gas (PLR2019-1-3) - 568 km2 for domestic supply only - south-east of Emerald
  • Galilee Energy (PLR2019-1-1 - 1,425 km2 - south of Emerald
  • Westside and APLNG joint venture (PLR2019-1-8) - 753 km2 - east of Taroom
  • Santos GLNG (PLR2019-1-9 and PLR2019-1-10) - two areas totaling 101 km2 east of Roma
  • Real Energy and Strata-X Energy joint venture (PLR2019-1-11) - 153 km2 west of Miles

The Queensland Government has announced that two of these tenures will have 'domestic market only' conditions attached meaning any gas produced will be used in Australia.

There are now 10 gas tenures in Queensland covering 7,758 km2 of land that are committed to supply the domestic market only.

The newly announced companies will need to fulfill any existing environmental and Native Title requirements before the exploration authority is granted.

Once these requirements have been met, the government can award the operator with an authority to prospect (ATP) which gives them the right to explore for petroleum and gas.

Land access agreements will also need to be negotiated with landholders in the areas before the companies can begin construction work on private land.

If you're a landholder living in any of these areas and wish to know more about what to expect, contact us or get your copy of The Gas Guide.