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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2019-11-20

Virtual Reality Gas Well

The GasFields Commission has moved into the world of virtual reality.

The Commission has developed a virtual reality coal seam gas well experience located in a paddock complete with cattle, trees, a tractor and four-wheel drive.

One of the cows even enjoys a scratch behind the ears.

The virtual reality program encourages people to interact with the well, teleport to key pieces of infrastructure, pick them up and inspect them in detail and travel underground to investigate how the well operates below the surface.

One of the common gaps in knowledge noticed by Commission staff at workshops and information sessions is that there are often people seeking information about the gas industry but they’ve never seen a gas well up close. They’ve heard about them but never really seen one.

The VR experience has been designed to both educate people about how the gas well works and allow them get up close to the structure.

Communications Director Murray Cornish says, “One of the really cool parts of virtual reality is that it can also be projected up onto a wall or large screen so that the rest of the group can see what the user is doing inside the virtual world.

“If you’ve never tried virtual reality before, try to imagine an immersive video game that you can interact with.

“We think it’s an exciting way to make use of emerging technology to allow people to explore a paddock with a gas well in it on their own terms”.

The Commission brought the experience along to the recent Young Beef Producers Forum in Roma and received great interest from attendees.

The virtual reality gas well experience joins a suite of GasFields Commission support materials including the GasApp, the Gas Guide and the recently published Shared Landscapes report as part of its extensive engagement program throughout Queensland.

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