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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2020-03-20

New Release: Make Good Agreement templates

The GasFields Commission has developed and released Make Good Agreement (MGA) templates for use by water bore owners and industry. The MGA templates are the result of a comprehensive consultation process with relevant agriculture and gas industry peak bodies and government regulators.

Intended to be used as a starting point for negotiations between a tenure holder and a bore owner to help the two parties reach an agreement, the templates cover the four common types of make good measures – MONITORING a bore, COMPENSATION for the loss of a bore, drilling a NEW BORE and NO MAKE GOOD MEASURES. 

A responsible tenure holder is required to carry out a bore assessment to determine if a water bore has, or is likely to have, an "impaired capacity" as a result of gas development. An MGA is then required for all water bores that have undergone a bore assessment, even if the bore assessment has determined that the bore is never likely to become impaired.

The agreed make good measures include any of three key outcomes:

  • ensure the bore owner has access to a reasonable quantity and quality of water for the bore’s authorised use or purpose, including, for example, bore works such as lowering the pump or deepening the bore, or installing a new bore;
  • carry out a plan to monitor the bore, including, for example, triggers for undertaking further bore assessments;
  • give the bore owner monetary or non-monetary compensation for the bore's impaired capacity.

The MGA templates come with detailed guidance notes and a Make Good Decision Table to assist bore owner’s understanding of the make good process and the types of make good measures they may be entitled to.

To learn more about (or download) the GasFields Commission's MGA templates, or other relevant resources (including the Make Good Decision Table) CLICK HERE.