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  • Gasfields Commission
  • 2020-11-30

DOR Online Resource Community Information Session Webinar

The Department of Resources (DOR) have delivered an Online Resource Community Info Session where residents living in and around the Wide Bay, Burnett or Banana Shire Council learnt about resource activities in their regions. View the full webinar recording below, or by clicking this link to view on YouTube.

This free public webinar had subject matter experts from the Queensland State Government provide updates on mineral activity in the region, whilst discussing land access and dispute resolution issues pertaining to resource exploration and mining. The presentations were be delivered by DOR, the Department of Environment and Science (DES), the Office of the Land Access Ombudsman Queensland (OLAO) and the Land Court of Queensland (LCQ).

Registered participants learnt about:

  • Your rights and obligations when it comes to land access
  • Where to go for help negotiating a fair arrangement
  • How you can resolve disputes without unnecessary cost or stress
  • Environmental regulation
  • The laws that govern exploration and mining activities in Queensland


3:00 – 3:05 pm Welcome & housekeeping Dr Steve Ward, Director Engagement & Compliance [Georesources], DOR
3:05 – 3:15 pm Presentation 1: Mineral Activity Update Mr Luke Croton – Director of Mineral Assessment Hub, DOR
3:15 – 3:25 pm Presentation 2: Statutory Process for Land Access Dr Steve Ward, Director Engagement & Compliance [Georesources], DOR
3:25 – 3:35 pm Presentation 3: Who we are and what we do Ms Andrea Green, Senior Dispute Resolution Officer, OLAO
3:35 – 3:45 pm Presentation 4: Alternative Dispute Resolution and Land Court process Mr James McNamara, Member, LCQ
3:45 – 4:00 pm Presentation 5: Environmental Management, Application/Assessment Process – How to have your say Mr Daniel Phipps, Principal Community Engagement Officer, DES
4:00 – 4:30 pm Q&A Session Dr Steve Ward, Director Engagement & Compliance [Georesources], DOR